Temporal Heaven

A Crossplayer's Journey

The Basics

Cosplay Alias: Velocity Keystone
Cosplaying Since: 2002
Past Cosplay Alias:
Ookamiyou, Azure
Other Alias: BlackFlameEnvy (or YamiHonooEnvy, sometimes simplified to FlameEnvy)

Given Name: Nicole
Birthday: August 8th
Height: 5' 8"
Home State: Wisconsin
Siblings: 2 Older Half Brothers, 1 Older Step Sister, 1 Older Half Sister, 1 Older Sister (Yago), 1 Younger Brother (Crimson), 1 Younger Half Sister (Awesome101)

Cosplay Related Accounts/Sites You Can Find Me On:

deviantArt | Facebook / Twitter |
CosplayLabtumblr Cosplay.comCosplay Connection | WorldCosplay | CosSpace |

Conventions I've Attended:
Anime Sound and Vision - 2004
Anime Detour - 2005 - 2013
No Brand Con - 2006 (Sat); 2011-2012
Geek.Kon - 2008 - 2012
Daisho Con - 2008 - 2012
Kitsune Kon - 2011 & 2013
WausaubiCon - 2011-2012
EverCon - 2012-2013
Anime Fusion - 2012

Q & A with Velocity Keystone

Q: Who were your costume firsts?
A: Let's see, I've got three of them:
My first Closetplay/Crossplay would be Kai Hiwatari from Beyblade back in 2002.
The first costume I made would be Inuyasha from Inuyasha in 2003.
And my first Cosplay was Sakura Haruno from Naruto Shippuden in 2008

Q: What is your dream costume? Why? 
A: Either Sugino from tactics or Tsukasa from Juvenile Orion. Both have at least three layers of clothing and have construction elements I haven't tried yet. So I'm still working on feeling/getting my skills to par with taking on those challenges.

Q: What would be your "End All Ultimate" costume?
A: Probably being able to pull of King Haou (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) cosplay that I constantly dreamed of. At this point it's not so much out of love for the character any more as it would be to conquer the challenge.

Q: What is the cheapest you have made a costume for? Most expensive?
A: Cheapest: Probably at a tie between Kai Hiwatari (Beyblade) and Riku (Kingdom Hearts II). Both involved a lot of things out of my closet or were made with 'leftover' fabric and neither one involved a wig.
Most Expensive: Either Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist) or Canada (Hetalia). With Roy I didn't keep track of costs but I bought a lot of materials and accessories and for Canada I just have so many variations the cost just kind of piled up out of no where.

Q: What makes you want to cosplay as a certain character? 
A: Either I like the character's personality or their clothes. Usually it'll ends up being both those reasons. I'll also choose a character because it goes with a group my friends are doing.

Q: Which of your costumes is your favorite? Why?
A: Every year this answer changes because of incoming and outgoing costumes.
Currently I'm lovin' my Albedo costume but he needs a little work before I completely fall in love with him.
2012: Kiba | 2011: Touya | 2010: Canada | 2009: Kohaku | 2008: Sakura Haruno (Shippuden) | 2007: Shikamaru Nara |
2006: Russell Tringham | 2005: Miroku | 2004: Kurama | 2002-2003: Kai Hiwatari

Q: Do you prefer to cosplay in a group or solo? 
A: Both. I usually cosplay solo because of the limited number of cosplays my (close by) friends have. But I love to do group cosplays cause it's so much more fun to goof around with friends.

Q: What Anime Conventions do/have you attended?
A: Currently Anime Detour is the only one on the list that is a must attend. But I go to most cons that are in Wisconsin (provided I have a ride/can afford to go) but I will try to go to any in the MidWest I can.
: Anime Sound and Vision  ||  2005: Anime Detour  ||  2006: Anime Detour and No Brand Con (Sat)
2007: Anime Detour  ||  2008: Anime Detour, Geek.Kon (Sat/Sun), and Daisho Con 
2009: Anime Detour, Geek.Kon (Sat), and Daisho Con || 2010: Anime Detour, Geek.Kon, and Daisho Con (Sat/Sun)
2011: Kitsune Kon, Anime Detour, No Brand Con, WausaubiCon, Geek.Kon, and Daisho Con
2012: EverCon, Anime Detour, No Brand Con, WausaubiCon, Geek.Kon, Anime Fusion, and Daisho Con
2013: EverCon, Kitsune Kon, Anime Detour || Planning on: WausaubiCon, Geek.Kon, Anime Fusion | Possibility: Daisho Con (depends on a couple different factors)

Q: What Non-Anime conventions have you been to?
A: I've never been to a convention that didn't include Anime as a theme. I've been to a couple RenFests, if you want to count that.

Q: What is the farthest you have traveled for a convention and how far was it?
A: Sound and Vision (Chicago) or Detour (Bloomington). There were different starting points for each of the cons but both trips were about 5 hours in travel time (give or take for rest stops).

Q: What is your main reason to go to conventions?
A: Seeing friends and cosplay. I've made a lot of friends at cons and sadly don't get to see a lot of them outside of cons. I also love going not only so I can cosplay but so I can see all the other awesome cosplays people make and wear.

Q: Do you also take pictures at conventions?  How about video?
A: I've never taken video (camera doesn't record sound). I sometimes take pictures, depends on what is going on at the time and weather or not I've remembered my camera.

Q: Have you been in a masquerade/contest? Have you gotten an award?
A: Oh no... no, no, no. I would never dream of entering a contest. I'm way to stage shy. I feel weird enough when people ask to get my picture or I go to Photoshoots.

Q: Have you participated in other types of events at conventions?
A: Here's a rundown of things I've done:
- Anime Detour:
n 2007 I ran a Fullmetal Alchemist FanPanel and Miniskirt Army Gathering. From 2008-2010 I helped start and co-hosted the Risembool Ranger vs Miniskirt Army panel. And in 2011 & 2013 I co-hosted an MPreg panel.
- Daisho Con:
In 2008 I was a last minute co-host at an Inuyasha panel and in 2008/2009 I helped run the FmA themed Dodgeball.
- Geek.Kon:
In 2010, since I was semi-fresh out of surgery, I helped Serra run her Artist Alley table for little bits here and there.
- WausaubiCon:
I've been on Staff from 2011-2013. I work under the titles Event Coordinator and Lead Artist. I'm also on the Board of Directors for the parent organization: Central Wisconsin Anime. I head the Registration, Programming, and Con Art Departments. I work Advertising and on the PR Team. And I was head of the Cosplay Department in 2011 and helped the department in 2012-2013.

Questions? Comments?

If you have something you'd like to say or ask then I'd like to direct you to my open Blog entry (click here) where you're welcome to post your questions and/or comments.